Daniel Lanois - Here Is What Is

Vieron como es Pituco, si te pone el primero te pone el último, recien salido, en realidad es como el soundtrack de su documental, donde muestra un poco como produce y esas cosas, los temas son nuevos y lo podes bajar de acá.

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Slidewell dijo...

Hey Pituco

This Lanois record is wonderful! Thanks for posting! I would guess that you feel as I do, that Acadie is the best thing he's done on his own, though upon first listen, this sounds like he's back to form. "Wynona" sounded like he was trying too hard, and the rest sound like he was coasting. (tho I do like the instrumental stuff) Dude, you've got a real tasty selection of music here at Lo de Pituco. Keep up the good work! Gracias! (That's all the Spanish I Know!)

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Pituco,

Enhorabuena por un blog con tanta calidad musical dentro. No tiene desperdicio. Sigue asi!

Saludos desde España