Radiohead - In Rainbows (Bonus CD)

Y que te vamos a chamuyar de este disco??, ya te alcanzamos el disco 1 el mismo día que Radiohead lo regalaba en su página y si todavia no tenes el bonus que viene con el cd comprado, Pituco tambien te lo alcanza, total los Radiohead no se enojan, si sentis culpa anda y donale unos mangos en .

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radiohead, the best band in the world.. i caught them at molson's park, outside barrie, ontario, canada, about 6 years ago.. they have only gotten better.. that day they played with d.j. koala and the beta band, they were spectacular, in an alienated/modern sense.. the stage preparations were the most interesting of any concert i'd seen.. the roadies prepared the stage then scaled the ladders to sit on the cross-beam above the stage while the band came out, i guess they sat hunkered up there the entire show.. paranoid android what have you went on a bit long, but maybe it was the venue, everyone standing, that should be outlawed.. refuse to go to any more concerts that are standing only.. saw green day there a year or so later and it was even worse, people trying to crush each other, at least at radiohead there was some semblance of decorum.. they are definitely the band to see, hope they make it to these shores in support of in rainbows, have promised my daughter a ticket.. thanks for putting up the bonus, haven't heard it, like the album itself, yorke's vocals in particular when he goes high, and the wet thudding sound effects, a slack jacket flapping in the rain, everything else has been done i guess, may as well let it sound lo-fi, it does add a nice amateurish touch, a sepia bathe, awfully glad of the lads to offer it up as is, they're ahead, and their live performaces prove it.. again, thanks pituco.. the archer